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Panasonic TX-55

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Panasonic’s OLED TV clearly demonstrates that for superior picture quality. Although the TX-55GZ950E is at the very beginning of Panasonic’s range of OLED TVs, it is a high-end device capable of satisfying very demanding users. It has excellent color accuracy and support for all modern technologies and features that might come to mind, such as native 4K resolution, HDR (Dolby Vision, HDR10 +, HDR10, HLG and HLG Photo), Dolby Atmos and Netflix Calibrated mode. In addition to the tested 55-inch version, it is also available in a 65-inch version.

The software platform of this TV is called MyHomeScreen 4.0; it is the latest version of Panasonic’s Smart TV interface. It works satisfactorily quickly and smoothly, and the emphasis is very obviously not on visual presentation, but on ease of use. The overall user experience, which isn’t particularly impressive initially, is significantly improved after manually adding the most commonly used apps (e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube) to the menu that appears after pressing the Home key.

The aspect in which the TX-55GZ950E impresses the most is the display quality. The color accuracy is, without any additional calibration, really excellent, HDR content looks superb, but even SDR images will not leave you indifferent, since Panasonic’s TV shows all the power and luxury of modern OLEDs. The black display is outstanding as expected. It is also worth noting that the TV copes well with the display of scenes with a large amount of extremely bright content (for example, hockey games or ski competitions) – ABL (Automatic Brightness Limiter) technology is configured very non-aggressively, so there is no noticeable drop in display brightness.

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