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The new generation of the 14-inch ZenBook at an affordable price brings an attractive combination of an extremely light and thin aluminum case, a good screen and Intel’s latest generation i7 processor.

Separate elements of recycled aluminum alloy were used to make the housing. The built-in matte texture screen boasts very thin edging strips, although it should be noted that the bottom is slightly thicker compared to the older model. This is, we assume, done because the cooling system expels hot air into that lower part, so the panel is moved away from the direct flow of hot air.

The compact base of the laptop is covered from edge to edge with a keyboard made of gray plastic keys with a fine rough texture. The stroke of the keys is slightly deeper than was the case on the old model, and in general the impression when typing is very good. It is convenient that another key column has been added on the right side of the keyboard, in which the computer power button is located at the top.

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